Normal width 1100mm
Bag Length Min: 160mm
Max: 1500mm (Shorter and longer bag lengths on request)
Film Thickness Min: 2 x 10µ
Max: 2 x 150µ (Thinner and thicker film gauges on request)
Mechanical Speed Web Speed – 140m / min
Max: cycles – 200 / min subject to the quality of material used.
Rack Type Unwind System Double unwind with 2 x 2 mechanical shafts and 4 sets of cones Max. roll dia. 350 / 400Ø
Slit Seal Station 5 stations for 6 track operation suitable for thickness range 15µ -90µ and lengths of seal up to 1000mm
Photoeye Included
Dancer Quick feeding dancer with pneumatically adjustable tension and film slack compensator.
Frequency controlled drives for Feeding roller sealing and stacking movements
Servo Drive for Bag feeding
Cutting System Flying knife with horizontal cutting belt
Sealing Group Quick detaching with constantly heated Ni Cr wire (impulse seal).
Separate adjustments Sealing heat
Sealing pressure
Dwell time
Stacking Pre-programmed choice of “fish scale” (staggered) and “parcel type” (normal) stacking
Stacking Table Automatic Stacking Table with pre-programmed movement for stacking options.
gapa diagram