BSM 1000 LH3 Bottom Seal Bagmaker

TECHNIMAC (Pty) Ltd a Johannesburg based supplier of machinery to the Plastics Industry, have over many years, developed a range of Side Seal and Bottom Seal Bagmakers which have won international acclaim.

The machines have successfully operated for almost 2 decades in the USA, Europe, Middle East and Southern African markets with a reputation for quality, durability, performance and superior back up service.

The machines are built with a 100% local content and have maintained a competitive edge over either suppliers because of superior client support and spares supply. The overseas support for the equipment is undertaken by Technimac’s distributors Günter Kunststoffmaschinen G.m.b.H., in Germany and
Plascon Inc, Michigan, USA., who have the technical competence to ensure that the machines will also receive good back up, and thus minimal downtimes in their respective markets.

Among the machinery developed by Technimac is a special bottom seal bagmaker for the manufacture of open ended bags featuring a bottom seal with alternatively either a handle or 4 finger hole punch and a header seal below (See sketch). A spine (or spline) seal can be created with a separate attachment incorporating a double “C” Folder with an inline gusseting device and a spine seal turning feature allowing the Spine Seal to be moved into one of the gussets.


Length = 535mm
Speed = 50-55 cycles / min
130 Micron x 4 Gusset = 520 micron
Length = 850mm
Speed = 30 cycles / min
5kg Detergent Bags – Spine Sealed – Laminated – printed
90 Micron x 2 = 180µ
Length = 480mm
Speed = 50 cycles / min

The bagmaker design features 2 sealing bars with 2 servo drives, and an automated compensating device for the adjustment of the header seal. This device enables the placing of the header seal seamlessly in any position of the bag in relation to the bottom seal!
Because of the twin servo design feature the machine is extremely versatile and can manufacture bags at cycling speeds ranging from 30 ÷ 180 cycles / minute and material thicknesses from 2 x 20µ to 4 x 150µ. An independently driven unwind stand with edge guide ensures optimum tension control and accuracy for consistent output of the product in question.

A spine seal device featuring a double “C” folder and longitudinal heat seal can be positioned between the driven unwind and the main machine. This device as well as the driven unwind stand is an optional feature and can be retrofitted at any time at a later stage, due to the flexibility in the machine design which is completely modular and thus can accommodate a variety of accessories such as handle punches, finger hole punches and general hole punches, etc.
A sketch shows the basic concept of the machine which has operated for many years in South Africa and to the entire satisfaction of clients in South Africa and Europe.


Due to its long standing affiliation and synergies with Günter Kunststoffmaschinen, Germany, Technimac have been able to remain in the forefront of bagmaking technology which is reflected in its innovative approach to supply cost effective individual solutions for its client’s requirements as demonstrated in this particular article.
This affiliation has enable Technimac to move the development to the next level.

The latest design features on the model are:

  1. A servo driven knife drive
  2. A double header seal (second sealing bar) operated by a servo driven excenter shaft.

Watch this space for an announcement for a newly developed Spine /Lap seal device coming soon.