GÜNTER GAPA 1100 Bottom Seal Backmaker

Another bright and shiny new-generation Günter Gapa 1100 recently delivered by Technimac.

About 60 original-design Gapa machines have operated in the market for around two decades. Clearly the model has stood the test of bagmaking time.

Team Technimac, under the expert guidance of Gerhart Mischinger, has long been taking superb technology such as the Gapa and making it better, with updates and refinements that meet the speed and reliability needs of today’s bagmakers.

The company has built 16 improved GÜNTER GAPA machines over the last five years, delivering them into the local market and neighbouring states to improve customer efficiencies and productivity.

The new-generation Günter Gapas feature significant improvements over the original design, says Gerhart. ‘For one, the machine frame has been extended to accommodate the mounting of accessories such as hole punches,’ he explains. ‘And machine height has been lowered to provide easier access for the machine operator.’

Apart from features to enhance user comfort, the design of the slit seal blades has been markedly improved to enhance slit seal quality and consistency. Another Technimac touch is the new servo packages, which give the customer a choice between Emerson and Lenze, both Windows-based systems that are backed by comprehensive after-sales service with an extended 12-month warrantee.

All drawings, instruction manuals, e-diagrams and bills of materials are recorded on computer-aided design modules to ensure that users can identify required replacement parts easily.

Software and hardware upgrades are supported by a choice of local electronics suppliers, ensuring service within 24 hours in case of a breakdown.

The Gapa’s capacity depends on bag length, material thickness and material quality, Gerhart explains, but it boasts superior stacking ability and speed and can reach an output of up to 1 000 bags/min of a specific bag size.

‘The range of products extends from 12/15 micron packaging bags to refuse bags as well as bin and box liner bags,’ he continues. ‘It accommodates any bottom-seal bag up to 1 100mm width and 2 500mm length.
Cape Town-based Pref-Pak cc is a fervent Technimac Günter Gapa fan. The model it installed last year not only replaced several of its older ARVOR bottom seal machines, but delivered substantially more output and capacity to spare. Factory manager, Conrad Shearon, says the machine is still performing excellently, running at speeds of between 140 and 180 bags/min depending on size and micron.

But Pref-Pak looks to Technimac not only for machinery performance. ‘Our relationship with Technimac dates back about 30 years and we have always enjoyed good support and service,’ says Conrad.

This favourable response to Technimac’s products and services is not unusual. The company has many loyal customers across the country who rely, time and again, on the expertise and technical know-how of Gerhart and his team.

Gerhart is gratified by the reception the modern Günter Gapa 1100 has received. ‘The response has been consistently good, because of the machine’s secure, dependable performance, after sales service and locally supported electronics,’ he says.

‘Technimac will continue in its quest to remain at the forefront of bagmaking technology, so that our customers always enjoy the competitive edge.’